Our founder and teacher, Sophie will be taking you on your Tula journey each day through yoga and meditation.

Sophie began her spiritual journey over a decade ago on her first trip across Asia, the first spark of many to lead her onto the path of becoming a yoga, meditation, and Reiki practitioner.  She specialises in unique guided meditations written from her knowledge of the chakra system alongside the combination of spoken word, mindfulness, nidra, trance, scents, herbs, and sounds are used to help unwind and unblock anything that may be holding you back from your full potential.

Sophie's goal with her practice is to ultimately help you improve your life and the way you lead it.

Favourite quote:  "We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?" 

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Our morning Hatha-based asanas will overlook the Kampot river & work on balancing the physical, mental and spiritual body;focusing on breath, alignment, strength, flexibility and mindfulness to get you energised for the day. Our  afternoon class is a little different, aimed at winding you down with a gentle, more restorative based practice to prepare you for our sunset meditations.

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Our daily meditations will take place each evening at sunset. The 1 hour sessions will guide you on a chakra healing transformational journey with a backdrop to nature, music and sound therapy.

Each meditation is devised to help open and re-balance the body and mind while reducing stress, improving concentration and increasing self-acceptance. You will learn to unplug, slow down and energise yourself for a relaxed and refreshed state.



Our guest SUP hosts will provide a basic introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding with an experienced instructor and quality equipment. Our 2.5 hour free group session offers stunning views of the Elephant Mountains along with enough time to enjoy the peaceful corners of the river with a swim and play alongside your board.