Omer A,

“Even though i’d never meditated or done yoga before i felt an instant wave of relaxation after just my first day. My experience was something completely new and i never expected my spirit to feel so uplifted. I always felt comfortable, calm, cared for and the space was just incredible surrounded by nature. My week of sessions had such a positive effect on my life and i’m excited to experience more in the future. Thank you to Sophie for sharing your passion and being patient with us who were new to this world.”

Daniel T,

"Everyone should come and experience this lovely place, to wake up to this view is the most relaxing thing ever and jumping or stepping down from your bedroom into the river for a swim was so refreshing and unique . Delicious set menus and amazing yoga."

Paola L,

“I joined the Tula meditation retreat because i wanted to re-connect with myself and nature. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a similar goal. Sophie was really invested in the daily sessions and gave personal advice with an open mind. It was a pleasure to have met her! Her classes were so refreshing being both fun and spiritual. I felt completely re-energised upon leaving, connecting with not only myself but the strangers that became friends on the journey. The whole experience has helped me to re-evaluate life and make more conscious decisions.” 

Joel S,

“A wonderful Glamping-like experience! A comfy double bed on the river with views to literally die for (not to mention the daily classes and insanely good food!) It was amazing to stay somewhere so eco-friendly. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find this place hard to leave.”

“The perfect retreat!  I woke up each morning to an open door with a view of the sunrise over the river, an incredible yoga class, a delicious breakfast followed by sipping tea on my balcony. My friend and I went for a swim (right off our porch might I add) everyday and my original worries of my busy brain getting bored were washed away by happily enjoying my time on the river. Reading in my hammock, enjoying lunch with the group (again, the food is excellent) and napping in the bungalow between activities became lovely little rituals. Quite the vacation! To be honest, I didn't want to leave!”

Nadia S,

Scott H, Canada

“I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of love and energy Sophie put into preparing her classes and our daily space. Her demeanor and voice allowed me to feel instantly relaxed and open to the chakra healing meditations which i was previously a little apprehensive about. The use of sounds, herbs and scents created an atmosphere that allowed me to drift into a state of meditation that i had not been able to reach on my own . At the end of my experience i felt so refreshed, almost as if I'd just woken up from a winter of hibernating.”

Vikki S, Germany

“My stay here was just beautiful. The food was amazing and I loved hanging out in the hammock with an indescribably beautiful view. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a retreat as special as this.”

Mikha Z,
South Africa

“Sophie has a very calm and loving energy that you can feel throughout the whole place. I was incredibly relaxed after the daily sessions - so much so that it was difficult to get up and leave at the end! Some sessions I entered into relaxed and happy to be there, other days were far more difficult for me. This was all part of my process ending in feeling more relaxed and centered overall. In some sessions I had really vivid visualizations, helped by the gong sounds that were played. This was a new experience for me but Sophie was so wonderful that just interacting with her after put me at ease. The week simply allowed me to be swept along on a magical and insightful journey within.”

Kyle P,

“A lovely retreat up the river. Amazing bungalows with private balconies. The food and classes were excellent, along with lovely khmer and western staff. There was even a gorgeous cat and dog i got to cuddle up to daily when i missed mine back at home. They were lovely! A totally unique experience, Thank you.”

Nikki C,

“Sophie’s classes changed my experience of yoga. Whilst we still did all the postures, Sophie guided me through such a beautiful experience looking inwards and I cannot recommend and thank her enough.”

Lana S,

“I absolutely loved it! Not for those who like the finer things in life but if you enjoy getting back to nature and relaxing in the most incredible setting then it's a winner. The food was amazing, as well as the staff. We had the option of taking out free bikes, paddle boarding down the river or simply floating in a rubber ring in the sun. We had tuk-tuks on call at reception if we ever wanted a trip to town or a change of scenery. Fantastic!”

Thomas A,

“The food prepared daily by the cooks were some of the best we’ve ever had in Cambodia. The river side bungalows were basic but it was worth sacrificing a few of our usual luxuries to really embrace the experience and surroundings.”

Jenna Q,

“Sophie is a rare and magical teacher. She combines an understanding of the physical aspects of Asana and a deep connection with all that is spiritual. This combination allows her to deliver classes that are both challenging and enlightening. Her classes are incredible, not to be missed!”

Daniel L,

“It’s an amazing spot on the river, not so easy to access from town but thats all part of the charm. We ate the best food we’ve ever had in Cambodia so a big hats off to the village lady cooks - great job! The huts were basic but the view was more than worth the stay alone. Amazing experience.”

Amanda A,

“I was stunned from the minute I arrived. Jumping into the river from your room? Check! Best food in Cambodia? Check! Recyclable materials, traditional and a real effort to be as eco as possible? CHECK! I slept so well here even though the first couple of nights took a little getting used to. Being in an open bungalow on the river you can hear the call to prayer in the morning along with the wildlife and local fishing boats which helped to remind me that this place really was a remote village in Cambodia, not some fancy run-of-the-mill resort i’m used too. I’m so glad it wasn’t, what a wonderful and memorable experience!”

Acacia R,

“Sophie's ethereal voice, clear instruction and calm, grounding energy means that a class with her is nothing short of magical. I practiced under Sophie's guidance at a time when I was particularly tired and drained yet her class allowed me to feel clear, rested and simultaneously energised. Sophie is an incredible teacher with a very unique presence. I can't recommend classes with her highly enough.” 

Jazmin J,

“The bungalows were basic compared to the usual resorts i’m used to but what you get in return is so much more. The doors to my room opened out onto a veranda on the river with a hammock i could hardly peel myself away from.I loved hearing the sounds of nature and the river come alive from my bedside. The food was always delicious and beautifully prepared. The staff were friendly and attentive and I really enjoyed the daily classes. If you find yourself needing time to switch off, reset and reconnect then this is the place for you.”