About us

TULA was founded to create immersive yoga experiences that would leave you in balance from top to toe - No touching of toes pre-required! We wanted to build safe and un-judgemental pop-up havens anywhere in the world, for any one at any level of practice. A space to re-treat from the sometimes overwhelming stresses of modern daily life; To re-boot, rejuvenate and breathe. Our founder, Sophie dreamt up TULA on a break from a stressful career in the fashion industry to travel the world and re-connect with her dream of helping others with the practices that continue to support her own journey. 

TULA’s mission is to help you re-nourish the mind, body and soul with yoga, wellness, meditation, healing, creativity and adventure - Weaving knowledge from both the east and west to hopefully leave you a little lighter than when we met you. 

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first step or an experienced yogi looking to take your practice deeper, We’re ready to help you find your balance!


“Delicious food, amazing yoga, lovely people and a totally unique experience. Thank you.“ 



Who we support

Your participation on any of our Tula retreats helps us donate to the fantastic Banteay Srey project. A yoga initiative close to our hearts and retreat venues in Cambodia. This program allows for local disadvantaged women to receive training in the yogic arts in order to help their communities, heal their lives, and diversify their employment opportunities. To find out more and donate to this great cause, click here.


“To provide vulnerable Cambodian woman with community leadership opportunities and a hopeful future“